Developed by motorbike technicians and experienced riders, the Moto Trainer faithfully reproduces the sensations of riding fast on a motorbike.

The Moto Trainer can be used for various purposes, primarily training. Thanks to its  50°  of slope, you can move on the bike  as if you were really on the track, thus being able to work on your posture, the way you bend and your reflexes. You are not only training your body but also your mind, in fact through the simulation you can learn by heart/ memorize braking points, bends points and changes of direction.

Thanks to the Moto trainer you can go around on different tracks never tested before in which  you can enjoy the feeling of racing on foreign tracks, weather conditions and distances won’t be a problem anymore. You will train on any circuits in the world , memorizing the tracks at high speed, consolidating the knowledge of tracks you have already ridden.

This kind of training has also been elaborated for those who have been injured to recover their own strength and capacities in total safety, restarting to train in less stressful conditions for their body. In fact, according to your capacities, the software will help you and correct your driving.

In our new structure, courses will be organised in which driver Massimo Roccoli will be able to provide you with precious teachings and help you perfect your driving.  The course lasts 4 hours ( you can choose between morning class or afternoon class) and there will be 5 people for each classroom. The moto training is also available for individual test days without Massimo’s assistance.

Your aim isn’t the training but fun?  Well, we have good news for you, the moto trainer can be dismantled and carried everywhere. If your only need is to liven up the evening , entertain clients or sponsors and drawing their attention, we can rent the simulator to make your event unforgettable.

How is it organized?

-Half an hour of theory in which our coaches will explain to you the main concepts of driving on a racetrack and then give you a demonstration of how to use the moto simulator and what kind of  posture to take during the driving

– 3 hours and a half of practice, divided in shifts of 10 minutes for 5 participants. During the practice we will work first on the posture to take on the saddle and on the correct performance of movements, then we will focus on the guidelines and finally on the correct use of the  brake and gas.  Having studied and put into practice these fundamentals of fast driving in the last round, the trainees will have to try to achieve the best performance.


-6 participants per course


-morning course from 09.00 to 13.00

-Afternoon course from 14.00 to 18.00


-course with Massimo Roccoli 185 euro

-course with MotoTrainer operator 125 euro

Contact us for more information and book your course on the Simulator: