• 1990

    Rosso corsa was born in the first ‘90s as a sports association with the aim of operating in the organization of bikes’ events. The desire for innovation and growth has led the company to go beyond the simple organization of free practice in the main European circuitand to expand our competences in more fields. An example of this is the development and organization of safe and sporty driving courses for road motorcyclists who first involved us from 1994 to 1998. It is also thanks to these courses that some of the participants started to compete! The firm’s commitment has not been limited to Italy , in fact, since ’99s Rosso Corsa organizes winter trips abroad in the circuits of Valencia and Cartagena. Over the years, tracks of the caliber of Jerez, Brno, Portimao, Aragon and Almeria have also been added to enrich our calendar. In addition to the organization of free practices, the company imposed itself on the race scenario with the participation in several championships and the organization of numerous events and trophies.

  • 2000

    2000 is the year of the debut on the racing scene with the participation in the Kawasaki Ninja Trophy 600.

  • 2001

    In 2001 the Italian Superbike Championship was the new challenge for the team. The Suzuki GSX-R 750, fully prepared by the team’s own racing department, set the 6th fastest time on the grid in the first race, showing determination and speed!

  • 2002

    In 2002 the team splits up and Rosso corsa participated only in two Italian races of the Endurance World Championship with an Aprilia RSV 1000. Meanwhile, free practice days are doubled and the company prepares to undertake an important commitment for the following year.

  • 2003

    The challenge in 2003 is to organise the 600 Ninja Trophy and the Kawasaki Day. Both, concluded successfully!

  • 2004

    The success of the 600 Ninja trophy was replicated in 2004 and the following year Rosso Corsa achieved another important goal.

  • 2005

    In 2005 was projected the most fascinating trophy, the thruxton cup. A really thrilled feeling in the atmosphere of other times, a bike to ride, the pleasure of racing and doing it together with others with the same passion.

  • 2006

    In 2006 another challenge with a very special bike, the Speed Triple, for which the Speed Triple Cup was born. This trophy is not for everyone, you have to love strong sensations, burn with passion and above all not be ashamed to share it. The success of the 600 Ninja Trophy also continued, with a race in the World SBK series at Imola. In the same year Rosso Corsa organized the Michelin Day at Misano!

  • 2007

    In addition to the great success of the Thruxton Cup, Speed Triple Cup e Michelin Day, in 2007 we’ll have a new one: the Daytona 675 Cup.

  • 2008

    2008 Is the first year of the Rosso Corsa day in Mugello circuit, a promotional event in which more than 600 persons participated. The importance/commintement of the/ with the Mugello circuit starts to  increase, succeed in organising till 25 free practice days on tracks per season and some event dedicated to the cars

  • 2009

    2009 is the year of important changes in the field of free practice on the track. Rosso Corsa proposes the “timed tests with the division into groups” formula that has greatly increased the safety and fun of drivers/riders allowing each to engage with others with the same driving skills. This formula has been so successful that it has been necessary to triple the dates already planned.

  • 2010

    In 2010 started a new adventure: the CIV with the tutapita team and our hospitality,  which was reconfirmed until 2015 becoming increasingly important thanks to collaborations with other teams.

  • 2011

    The goal of 20 years is important and we reached it in 2011: we grew up but still young, full of enthusiasm and  desire to prove and be noticed!

  • 2012

    In 2012, thanks to the agreement/deal with the sports group Fiamme Oro, Rosso Corsa participated in the “Premier Cup”; and in the same year our group participated in the Class One World Championship Italian Grand Prix for the LF Fendi 10 Racing Team.

  • 2014

    In 2014 the great success of Michelin Day was repeated at Mugello circuit. The free practice calendar got more and more dates and a new adventure began: the Ducati test ride, a day of free practice that gives customers the opportunity to try for free a dozen of Ducati Panigale 959. Due to the  success of the event, this would be repeated in 2015 and 2016 reaching up to twenty Ducati Panigale 1299 bikes to try.

  • 2015

    Another project involving our hospitality team was the 200 Miglia, which took place from 2015 to 2017.

  • 2018

    After years spent away from the racing scene, in 2018 a new team was born and will take part in the C.I.V. participating in the SS600 category with Marco Bussolotti, in the SS300 with Michael Carbonera, in Premoto3 with Filippo Palazzi and in the National Trophy with Matt Price. This first year of debut of the new team ends with a second place on the podium for Marco Bussolotti and the presence of Rosso Corsa team at the World SBK with a wild card for the 600 rider!

  • 2019

    In 2019 we welcome the new year with the participation in the Zard stand at the Motor Bike Expo! The presence at the C.I.V. is confirmed with an improved team and the six-times Italian champion Massimo Roccoli at the driving of the Yamaha r6.  Also in the SS600 category Alessandro Arcangeli is his partner. The two riders show a lot of commitment and the championship ends again with a second place in the standings for the team. The commitment as a wild card has also been renewed, with Massimo taking part in the Italian SBK World Championship twice. In addition to participation in the CIV Rosso Corsa, he is also present at the Coppa Italia trophy with Michael Carbonera riding his Yamaha r6.

  • 2020

    In 2020 Rosso Corsa continues to be present at the Motor Bike Expo in Verona with 2 stands one of which equipped with a track driving simulator!  The track season starts as usual with free practice in Spain in Jerez, Cartagena and Valencia. As throughout the 2019 season Massimo Roccoli is present on the track to give sporty driving courses as a federal instructor. The team of the C.I.V. is confirmed and will race with Massimo as sole driver. Also this year Rosso Corsa will bring to the C.I.V. its hospitality that in the last two years has shown to be able to welcome more teams and to entertain the paddock in the evenings of the race weekends. 2020 will be a special year also because Rosso Corsa is preparing to reach another great goal, 30 years of activity that it celebrates inside a new structure. The new headquarters of the company has in fact grown to accommodate a racing department. We believe that we have come a long way in these 30 years, but we hope there is just as much to do with you. Thank you

  • 2021

    In 2021 …