Misano ELFCIV 2021 – round 2

Monday 17 May 2021

In the weekend the second round of ELFCIV 2021 was held in the circuit of Misano and also for this round the weather conditions that our guys had to face were not the best.

QUALIFY 1 and 2

Stefano Valulini   Q1 1’39.252  |   Q2 1’39.010  |  Starting Grid 8

“Q1 and Q2 were both positive qualifying for me, I’m really liking the bike and we’re improving the race pace, although some traffic on the track didn’t allow me to improve in Q2 to take advantage of the grid.”

Nicola Settimo     Q1 1’42.137  |  TEST

“Friday was a good day, we managed to take a second off Thursday, and we worked towards a good qualifying 2 but unfortunately a high speed crash stopped me in turn 9 preventing me from participating in the weekend races.”

Daniel Da Lio        Q1 1’47.503   |  1’47.503  | standings 11

“Every session for me is an improvement and it serves to increase the feeling on the bike. In Q1 despite the time being not the best we were able to lower a few decimini minds. In Q2 we decided to focus more on the race.



Stefano Valtulini | race result – 4°.

Excellent race for Stefano that starting from the eighth position is found to battle in the group of the top five, tussle that leads him to lead the race for a couple of laps and end with a fourth place that portends an interesting race 2.


Daniel Da Lio | race result – 13th place

Daniel’s race starts from the seventeenth position on the grid and sees him, over a few laps, reach a good race pace but a slight decline in the last laps leads him to finish in 13th position



Stefano Valtulini | race result – 6°.

Exciting race for Stefano who started from the eighth position and in a few laps he leads the race in the lead. It was a fight until the last corner with Federico Caricasulo, who with a light contact leads to the fall of the rider from Bergamo. Stefano gets back on the saddle in time and finishes the race in sixth position.


Daniel Da Lio | race result – 11th

“It was a complicated race because of the weather conditions and consequently of the track. The start was good but I didn’t feel the right grip and I couldn’t reach the right pace to join the central group. I feel that it’s not so far to be able to do a race in the group and I can’t wait to be in Imola!”


The next round will take place in Imola for the third round of the Italian Speed Championship.