Tuesday 9 February 2021

The signing of the contract

On Saturday 6th of February, the meeting between the Team Manager Beppe Amato and Driver Nicola Settimo took place for the signing up of the contract for the 2021 season. The young Paduan rider declared himself ready to move from the now well-known SS300 to the new stimuli of the more adult category, the SS600.
The enthusiasm of the new SS600 rider after signing up was too much to be able to go home without climbing on top of the brand new MotoTrainer Simulator and demonstrating his skills. 3 laps at Mugello were a must!


The results

Nicola has just returned from an excellent 2020 season at the CIV in which he won the second place in the standings by racing in the Supersport 300 category, gaining 11 positions in the championship standings compared to the previous year.


The first workouts

Nicola’s first training sessions with the new team will take place in Misano on 20th and 21st of February on the occasion of the first days on the calendar in Misano for the tests of the sacked riders.
“I am happy to land in SS600 with Team Rosso Corsa, I consider it a natural path following the positive year in SS300. The level is high, but we try to work hard to bring home the best possible result. As for me, I can’t wait to start and learn as much as possible “Nicola Settimo”