Sunday 7 October 2018

The grand final of the CIV has as its stage the Vallelunga circuit. As usual, the riders ran unofficial free practice on Thursday, during which various solutions were studied taking into account the possibility of a wet race. The official tests start on Friday and are held in search of the optimal set up for the motorbikes.

Excellent results for Bussolotti who excels in the qualifying session with a best time of 1’39.138, while in Qualifying 1, during which we tested the qualifying tire, we see him lined up in 5th position due to traffic conditions.
Also for Palazzi the free practice were decisive and he lined up in third place, improving by 3 seconds the time set on Thursday. In his case we worked on the set up in order to give more stability to the front in order to decrease the movement of the rear when braking.


The weekend began with the second qualifying session during which work continued in preparation for the wet race. The motorbikes have been tuned both in terms of dynamics and electronics. Bussolotti’s Yamaha is leading the classification with an excellent race pace. The grid sees him in 5th place and after a good start we find him immediately fighting in the first positions. It has been a very hard-fought race in which we have seen a lot of overtaking between Bussolotti and Roccoli on a very slippery track. Unfortunately, on the penultimate lap, our Yamaha crashed and we couldn’t finish the race.
The qualifying of Premoto 3 gave some difficulties due to the weather conditions and brought Palazzi 11′ on the grid. The start of the race is very good and immediately we see him climb the ranking in third position. It was an elimination race in which we witnessed a strong tenacity of our young driver in wanting to stay on his feet and fight for the podium. The race ended with a very hard-fought 5th place!


The big epilogue arrives on Sunday with the last races of Supersport 600 and Premoto 3. After the morning warm up the riders prepared themselves for the last race in the afternoon. The first to enter is Filippo Palazzi who lines up 11′ on the grid. A difficult race given the breakage of the clutch occurred during the warm up that has affected especially the start. From the eleventh position there was a comeback and a fight with Rato to be able to gain ground. The race ends in 9th place. Next the Supersport 600 starts with Bussolotti in 5th position. The start is excellent, perhaps the best of the entire championship. The desire to redeem himself from the bad fall of the previous day is felt and leads Bussolotti to take the lead of the race in the early laps. Manfredi made several attempts to get into the first position but both the motorbike and the rider were in optimal conditions and this allowed him to win the race with a three second advantage. Despite this beautiful race and victory a few points decided the fate of the championship, which ended with a second place in the overall standings. We can consider ourselves very satisfied with the results obtained by a completely new team that faces this event for the first time. Surely there are many ideas on which to work in order to arrive next year to conquer the highest step of the podium.

Watch the video of our last race weekend!