Sunday 29 July 2018

In the scorching sun of Misano, the 4th round of the CIV ended, and also this time it was a lot of work done by the drivers and the team.
Friday was spent between free practice and qualifying.
For Bussolotti the results are very good, in fact we see him at the top of the ranking of the first free practice session with a best time of 1.39.535, also the best lap time of the whole category. In the first qualifying session we focused on finding solutions for the set-up and the balance of the bike, but due to the traffic on the track we could not take advantage of the time trial tire, ending Q1 in 4th place.

The free practice saw our 300 finishing in 21′ position, with an improvement in the race pace. A lot of work has been done by our technicians to allow the pilot to have more performance to face the qualification, but due to the excessive traffic formed the Q1 ends with a 26′ position.
The first qualification of the new driver, Filippo Palazzi, in the Rossocorsa team sees him lined up in 22′ position; the changes made after the free practice that had seen him arrive in 12′ position have not yielded as hoped. Following the days of scrutineering and free practice over the weekend we worked on the second qualifying session and in view of the races.

Supersport 600

The SS600 Q2 ended with an excellent first position for Marco Bussolotti who in this way took the pole position for the two races of the weekend.
The intention was to work on the race pace entering the track with race tires, also to understand how to use them according to the weather conditions. The traffic conditions prevented the driver from giving his best and forced him to go back to the box. After fine-tuning the front suspension Bussolotti returns to the track and a few minutes before the end of the session he manages to get the super pole achieving the best time in the entire category!

Thanks to the excellent qualifying of these days the first race of Supersport 600 starts with the pole position. The start is not one of the best and sees Bussolotti losing positions. The recovery was fast and the race continued with Bussolotti determined to stay on the podium. He finishes in third place and with the desire to prove more in race 2.

The second race always starts in pole position. A bad start leads Bussolotti to lose several positions, but the real problem is the steering, which being too hard from the beginning of the race prevents him from driving as he would have liked. Despite the difficulties Bussolotti struggled to stay in the group of the leading riders, ending the race with a fifth place, remaining at the top of the championship standings with 131 points.

Supersport 300

Q2 of the SS300 brought some improvements, first of all in the time which dropped to 1’52.477. They worked on the race pace and on some solutions to make the bike more performing in view of the afternoon race. It has been a full session where we have replicated the traffic conditions of the previous day, conditions that have prevented the search for the best lap.

The first race of the 300 sees our driver 26′ on the grid. After a good start and a recovery of several positions, due to a red flag Carbonera is forced to return to the pits to prepare for the quick start. The return to the track was complicated by a gearbox problem that has put a strain on the pilot bringing him to finish the race in 29′ position.

Late Sunday morning the second race of the SS300 was held. The starting grid sees Carbonera starting again in 26′ position. The problems of the previous day are repeated, after a bad start and several crashes the red flag is given and the drivers are forced to return to the pits to prepare for the quick start. Despite the problematic start the race goes well as the rider is able to recover several positions crossing the finish line in 17′ place.


Palazzi’s second qualifying session was very satisfactory considering the passage from the Q1 time of 1’54.285 to 1’51.842. It was a very hard-fought qualifying session in which the rider worked on finding the right feeling with his bike. In fact, it must be remembered that this is a bike tested only in the last few days, with a standard engine and on which we will work in view of the next round in Mugello.

The first race of our new rider starts in 19′ position on the grid. The start is very good and leads him to recover several positions allowing him to lead the race in 10th position for several laps. Despite the problems encountered in the straight due to less horsepower, the pilot is launched at full throttle in the corners showing all his determination. The race ended with a 13 ‘place and many ideas on which to work.

Race 2 sees Filippo Palazzi lined up 19′ on the grid. The start is good and immediately we can see the determination and the desire to show to the new team his potential. Despite the difficulty in managing a completely new bike, not evolved and performing as the opponents, the race ends with a 16′ place. There is a lot of work to do to prepare the bike for the next round of the CIV and to see Palazzi conquer the podium as he did this year in Mugello and Imola, but we are ready and we can’t wait to see our Moto3 in the lead!

Watch the video of our race weekend!