Sunday 23 September 2018

We are back to Mugello for the penultimate round of the civ.

On Thursday our riders took to the track for technical and sporting checks and pre-race free practice.

Friday’s practice gave very good results as far as Premoto 3 is concerned, which at its second race in the new team climbed the free practice ranking reaching an eighth place. A lot of work has been done on the engine compared to the first race with the team, but above all on the adaptation of the vehicle to the rider in order to obtain a good chassis. Few are the changes that the Supersport 300 allows to make and this forces our rider to be in the middle of the ranking, with a better time than the last round in Mugello and a good margin for improvement in anticipation of the races.

The Supersport 600 sees Bussolotti in third position, a few tenths of seconds behind Morrentino. In this test we didn’t aim to find the best time but to achieve a good race pace, in anticipation of the race simulation scheduled in the afternoon. On the basis of the results obtained in the morning we worked on changes aimed at a better positioning in qualifying 1, which sees Palazzi confirmed in the top ten, Bussolotti improve with a second place and Carbonera confirm himself in mid-table!


For our riders Saturday begins with the warm up that precedes the qualifying two. The first to enter is Carbonera in the SS300 category, who finds it difficult to find a slipstream in which to get away because of the traffic created on the track and ends with a 33′ position on the starting grid for the race. It was a very difficult race for Michael that despite struggling to recover some positions he was not able to keep them, losing ground and ending the race in 34th position.

Immediately afterwards Filippo Palazzi’s Premoto3 qualifies and due to a technical problem he was able to complete only 5 laps, starting race 1 in 13th position. The beginning was complicated by an accident that involved two opponents and that led to a quick start. It was a very hard fought race for Palazzi who managed to recover several positions and lead it almost entirely defending the sixth position. The trail of the drivers in which he was inserted was very close and unfortunately on the final lap his opponents were able to make room for him, leading him to finish the race in 13th position.

The last qualifying session is the SS600 one. Bussolotti continues the work of race simulation that focuses on the pace more than on the search for time and on the search for alternative solutions for the tires. The starting grid saw him start the race from the eighth position, but despite the initial difficulty, with a great grit he climbed the rankings to remain in the pink of the 5 leading drivers.


The CIV Sunday opened with the warm up. The first to enter the race is Filippo Palazzi, who unfortunately after only 4 laps is forced to exit for a problem with the bike. Positive race instead for the Supersport 300. Despite an unlucky qualifying that sees Carbonera starting 33′ on the grid, we have witnessed several overtakes that allowed him to gain the 22′ position.

Supersport 600 starts with Bussolotti in eighth position, a difficult start that sees him lose ground until he reaches the 17th place. Fortunately, the comeback is fast and Marco immediately gains ground returning in the pink of the leading pilots and finishing the race in fifth place while preserving the title of first in the championship standings.

Watch the video of our weekend at CIV!