Tuesday 12 January 2021

The riding courses on the Moto Trainer have started with great success. On the weekend of the 19th and the 20th of December we opened the doors to our first students.

A brief acceptance and two words of welcome and here we immediately enter the heart of the course with an hour of theory / demonstration and three hours of practice on the beautiful Yamaha r6 with the colors of the Rosso Corsa team.

The weekend saw a multi-titled double line up: Manuel Poggiali tought his knowledge to the Saturday students and Massimo Roccoli, our instructor par excellence, concluded the weekend trying to infuse all his experience of six times Italian champion!

What is the driving simulator?

It is a tool capable of faithfully reproducing the sensations of fast riding on the bike. Moto Trainer is the only simulator that can use any bike and reaches lean angles of up to 50 °.

How is the course structured?

the course is structured in:

– one hour of theory during which our instructors will touch on the fundamental concepts of driving on the track and will give a practical demonstration of how the Moto Trainer is used and of the posture in the different driving phases;

– three hours of practice divided into shifts of about ten minutes for five participants. During the practice we will work first on the posture in the saddle and on the correct execution of the movements, then we will deal with the guidelines and finally the correct use of the gas and the brake. Studied and put into practice these fundamentals of fast driving in the last round, the trainees will have to try to achieve the best performance.

What is it for?

-Training: you can train on all the circuits in the world by measuring your performance. You will be able to adjust the effort according to your level and drive in complete safety!

-Learn new tracks: you will finally be able to ride on tracks never seen before by learning new tracks or consolidating the ones you already know.

-Injury Recovery: the Moto Trainer allows you to get on the saddle after an injury and regain your fitness in complete safety.

-Improve your position in the saddle: the instructor will be next to you to correct you immediately.

– Driving School: do you want to learn how to ride a bike? there is no safer way!

Do you want to try the Moto Trainer too? Contact us to join one of our courses!